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About BODW

1 week
11 Major Programmes
100 International Speakers
200 Media Attendants
100,000 Participants

Partner Country 2013: Belgium

2012: Denmark
2011: Germany
2010: Japan
2009: France
2008: The Netherlands
2007: Italy
2006: United Kingdom
2005: Scandinavia
(Sweden, Finland and Demark)
2004: Sweden

Speaker’s comment

“That is very nicely organized.” by Dieter Ram, Germany

Speaker’s comment

“Business of Design Week is always being ambitious and is always being excellent from the very beginning. It’s been exciting also they’re getting people like Richard Sapper and Dieter Rams – really exposing people who have contributed their whole life to design – that, to me, is the richness.” by Thomas Heatherwick, Heatherwick Studio/UK

  • Champions and connoisseurs of design
  • Start-ups and SMEs looking for inspiration
  • Entrepreneurs, innovators, highly-motivated business leaders
  • CEOs and senior management interested in unleashing the power of design
  • Policy makers and influencers, trade association leaders
  • Academics and design educators
  • Students and all creative individuals

BODW is an annual flagship event organized by Hong Kong Design Centre since 2002. Today, BODW enjoys the reputation as one of the most significant events on Asia’s design calendar. This year, the week-long event will comprise the BODW Forum (an authoritative pointer for global design trends), concurrent events (covering brands, design, technology, city and the culture, design management and education, business of intellectual property etc.), exhibitions (for the public and trades) and the Detour community programme, aiming to inspire the participants about the power of design in building a better tomorrow.

BODW 2013 presents Belgium as Partner Country. With the pennant of “Belgian Spirit”, Belgium strives to bring its creativity, design and innovation to a higher level of internationalization. Under the spotlight will emerge dynamic Belgian speakers, their creative designing process and design-led solutions, as well as innovative products and services, refreshing the senses of the participants.

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